About Roam Bali

Mount Batur sunrise in Bali

Welcome to Roam Bali!

I’ve lived the Bali life for the last several years, jumping back and forth between the UK and living in areas like Canggu, Seseh, Amed, Jimbaran, and Uluwatu and exploring the whole island in my downtime.

Check out the photo of me at the top of Mt. Batur!

I know the Island of the Gods like the back of my hand and decided to create this blog to share my experiences and tips for enjoying Bali without the “influencer” baggage.

I only want to share with you my genuine experiences of trying the best places to stay, eat, or play in the Bali hotspots.

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Editorial guidelines

I’ve given myself a specific set of editorial guidelines for my writing on Roam Bali, which are:

  • I’ve actually been to every place I talk about and/or recommend
  • I’ll never accept payments or bribes to recommend any places
  • I’ll never accept money to talk about a place positively
  • I’ll always give my honest opinion; good, bad and the ugly
  • I won’t become an annoying Bali influencer

By keeping myself accountable to these guidelines, you can be sure that the content and recommendations I make here on RoamBali.com are from my real experience and are genuine.


If you want to get in contact with me about anything on Roam Bali, you can email me at [email protected]